Friday, August 29, 2008

what a score

What a great score I have been wanting a new scrap desk for a long time now and while surfing Trade me a week ago I came across the perfect desk and so cheap so I added said desk to my watch list and waited and waited everyday when I logged in my first stop was to see if anyone had bided on it. Then yesterday my waiting was over the auction was closing and I had made a bid all I had to do was wait and hope I was the only person bidding. And what do you know I was. So I sent hubby off to pick up my beautiful desk and well lets just say he was not happy when he arrived home. the desk is twice the size we thought it was going to be and it wont fit where I was going to put it. Oh well these things happen I guess I will have to keep my scrap stuff in the lounge after all.


  1. woohoo!!!! what a score alright!!! It looks awesome! can't wait to see what it looks like all set up with your scrap stuff! since it's bigger than you thought are you gonna be able to get the computer on there too??
    I am totally jealous!

  2. what a bummer it doesn't fit. It's so cute!