Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This week from Pinterest

So this week from pinterest I went with the spice rack book shelf's, only problem is I live in New Zealand and we don't have a Target,  Wall mart or much to be honest and I just couldn't find wooden spice racks that would work.

But what I did find, and what I did have around my house was a old bread bin!!  With a bit of paint some stamps, and some TLC I think it has worked swimmingly!!

  Original pin

My go at it

So stinking cute!!

I know its not on a wall yet, and it has no books in it, but I am saving that for next weeks this week from pinterest, where I will attempt to do a wall thing!! Be sure to come back and have a look, I'm a little excited about it...LOL

Thanks for looking 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another LO and Video

So remember this post where I made my own scrap pack?? Well I did a LO with it…at

So I was going through some photos and came across some of my first baby Vinnie. Awww wasn’t he so cute!! This little adorable baby is going to be 13 next month, and never has a LO and photos gotten me upset before, but I saw these photos and thought 12 in a half years later I have a young man now. I swear I got a little bit teary.

Stamps were from Kaiser Craft. Grid and Fine and sunny.
The alphas were American craft thickers.
Everything else was in the pack I made. 

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project House Update

So I have been about quiet on the house front, mostly cos it’s a bit of a mess and well I’m a bit ashamed about it …but we shall not dwell about that right now. That’s another post entirely!

But things have been moving, a couple of months ago we went from a three bedroom house to a four bedroom one!!!

No we have not added on to our house at all, but my daughter’s room was an L shape room, and all it was going to take to split that room was the addition of a door and wall. My husband and I were sitting there one night talking about our oldest boy Vinnie. He is almost 13 and was sharing a room with his younger brothers (7 and 5) not ideal, he needed his own space!! Then Jon said why don’t we split Annabel’s room up and put a door in to the lounge!!! It was a light bulb moment. One of those we have been living here for what is it, 8 years?? Why on earth didn’t we think of it before moments!!!

So with that decided work got started and a doorway was made, and a forth bedroom created!! All be it very teeny tiny rooms but rooms none the less!!!!

Room before!



Annabel's room after

Vinnie's room after

Now there is still a bit of work to go, we have the finishing touches to do and I have yet to finish painting Vinnie's room, but I have done him one awesome wall. I will post that in  a couple of days!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Week From Pinterest!

So something new I am going to try, Each week I want to make something that I have seen on pinterest, I really hope I can keep this up, There is just so much I want to do, and this could be a very good way to get on top of some of it!!

For my first this week from Pinterest I have made a hair clip organizer for my daughter Annabel's room

Here is the original pin

And my go at it

Not to bad I recon, and look at the inside of the frame, I don't think I could have matched up the paper better, even if I tyred. (in witch i didn't) Pure accdent!!

Now as a quick tip, if you are going to be painting a very detailed frame like this one, I would suggest spray paint, this was very hard to paint with a brush!!

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

No Scrap Pack This Month :( No Worries I'll Make Of My Own

So with no scrap pack to do this month from better scrapbooking I am left going now what??? what scrapbooking should I do this month?? The scrap packs I get every month sort of answer that question for me!!

So I have decided to make my own and really challenge myself. Out of my own stock I have made my own pack. I have made it so all the papers are different, everything matches yet nothing does, if you know what I mean!!

I have also set myself some rules for this too, can’t make a challenge and cheat can we!!

 Homemade scrap pack rules
1: The paper cannot all be from the same paper pack or line
2: Must have 10 sheets of paper, NO more
3: To get 5 layouts from the pack
4: I can use paint, ink, stamps, pens, markers and alphas from stock
5: Apart from said items above, I can only use the emmbiles in the pack

So this is my pack. See what I mean about everything matching yet nothing!! Anyway as you can see this is quite a mix of different brands colors and patterns!! Watch this space I am going to start wotrking on this very soon!! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mixed Media

So this is all very new to me, but I have been looking at mixed media art and thinking man I want to give this a go, I had no real expectations about how it would look at the end, I just wanted to have some fun with paints, inks and colored pencils, and all sorts of other goodies!!  

But man, am I happy with the end results!! This stuff is fun and so free!! Unlike scrapbooking there are just no rules and anything goes!! (I know ppl say that about scrapbooking to, but so often that just isn’t the case is it??)

For my first go at it I did the girl, she doesn’t have a name yet… Anyone who wants to name her shoot me a message with the name and I may just make one just tailored for you!!

The next is a set of four, I have called them Butterflies! Simple but effective name I think…lol  

So what do you guys think of my first foray into the world of mixed media!! I am very happy with how they have turned out!!

Thanks for looking :)