Monday, September 29, 2008

Boys weekend

As some of you may know I have recently had a little baby girl after 3 boys. I have been so raped up in pink paper, pink ribbons, pink flowers, pink everything that my boys have been getting a little neglected in my scrapbooks. So I decided that this weekend was going to be a boys weekend I managed to get 3 LOs done but I think I have lost my scrap mojo where my boys are concerned. I just can't do a descent boy LO to save myself …lol

The first LO is of my 18 month old Alex playing peek a boo in my washing, in hindsight the paper I used wasn’t the best because the title and everything blends in a bit.

This LO is of all 3 of my boys wrestling as boys do.

And the last LO I got done was for the bebo challenge group. this week the challenge was a sketch you can find it here.

Anyway thanks for reading


Monday, September 22, 2008

YAY me i did it

Ok well I did it I used one of the papers I have been holding off of using and I think it looks rather good ..I decided to do a LO of me because well I just don’t do LO’s of me at all and since I fell in love with this paper I thought it was appropriate

Ok so I haven’t really mastered the art of taking pics to show the poppy up bits yet…lol

This is another LO I did this weekend for the bebo challenge. I’m not very happy with this one thou so this could change very soon I just don’t know yet. btw on this LO i used rubons that have been sitting there forever just screaming to be used but i keeped on chicken out. bebo challenge group.

Anyway thanks for reading

Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting over the fear

I don’t know if anyone will know what I’m talking about , but I have certain papers, rubons, flowers and other bits and bobs that I’m am to scared to use. Some paper I have had sitting there for 2 years that I just can bring myself to use because I’m to scared ill mess it up so I have decided that this weekend that is all going to change. I am challenging myself and anyone else how wants to do it. To use the paper and other bits and bobs you have been to scared to use. So get creative and brave . I will post pics after the weekend …let hope I have pics to post and don’t chicken out…lol

back from camp

Well it been almost a week since I got back from scrap camp so I think its about time I updated this…lol

First off scrap camp was great I had a blast Tracy and Kris where everything I thought they where going to be (crazy) and it was so much fun. The nights where late and little drunken but there was lots of talking going on. I was surprised we got any work done at all

Sorry trace I pinched the pic off your blog…hope you don’t mind. Lol

And here is what I got done

This is a pic of my baby girl Annabel.

And my little boy Elliott but we always call him noodle and well as you know super hero’s always have a secret identity.

And another LO of baby Annabel

And last but not least Kris challenge was to alter a letter and this is mine

There was also Tracy’s challenge, witch was a little book but I’m not really happy with that so I’m going to redo it at a later date plus there was my challenge but I completely messed it up so I no longer want to even talk about it…lol

Anyway thanks for reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scrap Camp!!!

With just two more sleeps left I’m all packed and ready to go to scrap camp , I only wish I was leaving now…lol I’m so excited about this weekend not only will I be crafting all most all weekend but I get to meet Tracy and Kris. I meet them both on the Trade Me massage boards and we became friends soon after I’m so excited to see them in person. and not just words on the computer screen. I’m also excited to talk to other people about scraping and stuff like that , none of my friends craft and well I'm not very good at meeting new people, something I have to remedy.

Any way I will post some pics when I get back to show you all what we made and other stuff.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Big weekend

Well what a big weekend , well for me anyway not only did I get to set up my new desk but I also got three LOs done and a ATC holder, now for me that is big …lol I’m lucky to get one LO done a week let alone three.

this is what my desk looks like now its all set up

My baby Annabel finshed this LO friday night

This LO was done for the bebo challenge group I belong to we had to leave 70% of the page white.

And last but not least this LO i finshed late Sunday night. This is one of my Boys Alex age four months