Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project clean up and get organized

Or what ever you want to call it is back on!!!
Now with 28 days till Christmas its time to get my stuff sorted!! My house has very much been neglected over the past few months, and with all the family descending on us at Christmas its about time I sorted it out!! So today it starts. I am being ruthless, everything must go...well not everything but you get the idea.....Now where to start??

I don't know if ill be posting the before and after pics like I did last time, we'll see how I go! If it will help motivated ppl ill think about it!

So whose with me??

Monday, November 7, 2011

Better Scrapbooking Layouts and Videos

HI all as I said I would be back soon to show you all my Better Scrapbooking LOs,(sorry Megan) well sorry about the long wait!! My laptop tried to die on me so I had no pc for a bit, and then well I honestly forgot all about blogging. *slaps hand*

So with no more waiting here are the LOs for Octobers scrap pack

I just LOVED this pack the papers and colours were AWESOME!!!
And now the scrap Pack for this month :) Also some videos to go with it!

Ok I hope you like the LOs and enjoy the vids Thnkas for looking

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guess whos back

back again, Jennies back, tell a friend!!

Yep that's right I'm back, anyone still been a while but I'm back into the fill swing of things again now, and have been very busy, I have lots to write and share!

First off, my little miss had a birthday.. my little girl is growing up and quickly!! it really doesn't seem like 3 years has past.

I will have to add some more pics at a later date, for some reason I can't find the rest right now :(

 I am now running a little craft group for the teen mum support house and having a great time doing that. We are getting ready to have a craft fair so all the craft lady's are working hard. I still have to start making stuff for my own stall but ill get then in the

 let see whats next ...I entered a recycled art comp for the habitat for humanity restore and won! I know awesome aye!! I am now a award winning artist...LOL  This is what I entered

Inspired by pintrest of course ;)

have lots of better scrap booking Los and OTP projects to show you too ill post them in a couple of days.

I have also decided to get project organised started up again and get going with the house, after my Brother in law past away in May none of us were really feeling the need to do much and everything I did has now back to the way it was before I started. But its time we got back to it, so keep and eye out for that to. Ill post as I do stuff so you never know when the mood will hit for me to get stuck

And that's all from me right now I will be back 2moro with some Better scrapbooking LOs to show

Thanks for looking Jennie

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So, it been a while

like the title says, its been awhile since I last blogged, and for no other reason as I really couldn't be bothered. Since the death of my brother in law in late May I haven't really felt like doing much to be honest.

Rick was a big part of our lives and routine is weird now. When Sunday rolls around and we're not all piling into the car to go see him. Even right now I'm sitting here at 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon watching Vinnie and Jon playing the X box and I still feel like we should be getting ready to leave.

So over the past month in a half I have started lots of things and haven't really finished anything enough to show you, started painting my out door bench seat and table but haven't finished them, started recovering my couch, but again haven't finished, started altering a birdcage but haven't finished, started making the kids some pillowcase mattress things but again haven't finished them. Even Annabel's room isn't finished yet and I started that months ago Time to get out of this funk I thinks week might have to be a finishing week.

But for today I'm going to show a Lo I did about a week ago. first in ages that I have done. And a cake I made.

Just wanted to make a bright funky Lo this week in contrast to the b/w photo.

 So I decided I wanted to try fondant icing, we are getting ready for birthday season around here and with Vinnie deciding he wants a big castle cake this year and miss not really knowing what she wants just yet I am experimenting early.  This cake is my first go at fondant not to bad I think ..its a bit ruff around the place but I didn't have much fondant to work with and rolled it out to thin, but ill know for next time so its all good as far as I'm concerned, plus I had such fun!!

So I really do hope to be back real soon with something else actually finished.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Layout's For Better Scrapbooking And Videos Too!!

The new June newsletter is out for Better scrapbooking so you know what that means.  I can post the layouts for this months scrap pack.  I loved the pack thins month, awesome bright funky papers, great patterns. Awesomeness!!

For something new this month I had a go at videoing myself making a couple of Los

I am still sort of working out the best angles and stuff with the camera and my video camera is a few years old now so its not Cristal clear like the new cameras you get today, but I have enjoyed making the vids none the less!!

This one is my fat little baby girl, oh how I miss the baby days!

Decided to try and make a boy layout out of this pack, most of the papers were rather girly, but I think I pulled it off.

Another one of miss Bell and the video to match.

Miss Bell

And lastly, One of me of a change, the photo I used for this isn't very good. I went and got some new ink for the printer only to get home and realise I didn't have any photo paper so I have used just normal printer paper till I get some.

Thanks for looking :) I hope you like the videos!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

RAK Winner!

Wow, been a couple of weeks since I posted. I have been very busy working on stuff for the Better Scrapbooking design team, so will have lots to post very soon! As far as the organization and house fixer upping goes I have kind come to a stop with that, I have moved on to doing someone else's house but good news is that everything I have done so far has stayed nice and tidy!! go me!

Also I completely forgot all about the so with out any further ado the winner by my oldest child pulling her name out of a hat is.....


Congrats, since you are on my facebook send me a message with your address and ill get you something in the mail asap.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting back in to it!

So its been a bit of a off week so not much has been going on here, only really getting back in to the organize house thing yesterday.

I did get my office/big cupboard done, but then life happened and well I never got around to posting it. I will not be showing you the before photos for this room thou, cos well it was really that bad, the difference is night and day in that little room!!


The red and blue boxes on the big shelf are for all the kids school/daycare stuff so its no longer just sitting around in big piles, all the paper work for the house, work, ird etc have been sorted too!! didn't I do well!!

In the big bins you see there the top one is part of out emergency kit and the bottom one is all the insulation that came out of the ceiling when Jon feel though it see that here. FYI still not fixed !!

Yesterday I spent a good 4-5 hours in the boys room sorting EVERYTHING!! but no photos of that just yet. (The batteries in the camera are flat) will do that later thou!!

So what have you organized lately??

Thanks for looking Jennie .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

With No Apologising At All

Today I'm showing you my lounge and bedroom. In the lounge I started off by only planing to do my book shelf but that quickly turned a total lounge over hall, and because I wasn't planing to do it all I only really got pics of the book shelf but I have found a pic of my chair I took a wee while ago with all the washing on it so it looked much the same so ill post that to.

The book shelf covered in crap.

There really is a chair under there somewhere.

The floating shelves

Now I have a nice reading corner and my chair back!! yay!! I am loving the way the shelves are looking now the bottom boxes have a toy box for the kids stuff that get left around the place instead of making it back to there room,(you know how Lego's and marbles can travel) next is books for the kids, then plugs and cords, then the last one is Jon's 1980 wrestling mags and some DVDs.

Next is our bedroom

Now I went in there guns a blazing and forgot all about before pics so I went and grabbed during pics for this one, since we have four kids we decided to put all the boys in our big master bedroom and we have taken the smallest room in the house. Now Jon always sleeps on the right hand side of the bed and well he's not a little guy so it was always rather funny to watch him on his tipy toes edging between the bed and dresser but in reality it was rather painful for the lad he is forever banging his knees and stubbing his I have taken pity in him and today moved the bed so he can now very easily get to it, added bonus is now he gets to sleep by the door witch he prefers but also when the kids get up they will bug him first HAHAHAHAHA

On a side note amazing the junk you can pull out of such a little room a 2 bags of clothes to go to the opp shop and a suitcase full of crap that didn't My poor dinning room has become the dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a home

Thanks for looking

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo Of The Week

Just cos I can and I just love this photo!!


and a few more from our day at the park




Annabel & Alex

Thanks for looking

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ready for another shocker.

This time it was the bathroom/ laundry shelf. This was another dumping ground that got cleared sadly

Using what I have around this house I decided to get started on the organizing, I know its not fancy and flash but ill slowly get the fancy stuff later. I really want a big tin box thing like this for my washing powder, one day but for now doesn't this look so much better



The pink box was filled with old bottles, old razors and junk that didn't really belong in the bathroom at all!! the shelf was covered with old hair ties make-up, hair stuff and lots of crap from everyone pockets or stuff I have dug out of the bottom of the washing machine.

Side note: Ok I know I have showing you some rather yuck spaces, but our whole house isn't all bad just a few real problem spots that always get over looked.

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So I'm starting small

Yep I have jumped on the organizing bandwagon in a big way but have started rather small with big success.

The TV cabinet was shocking and now I and shuddering showing these before pics cos well there gross and  just yucky! (please don't judge me to harshly)

So here you go the before of the TV cabinet.

And now, doesn't it look better. I still want to replace the plastic tray things for some nice ones but I bought a bunch of stuff for the boys wardrobe today and the budget will only go so far, but I'm still very happy with how this is looking and it only took me 10 mins!!

So 1 little job down, 999 to go!!

Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Organization *sigh* and a RAK

Sadly organization Is not one of my strong suits. I really wish I was one of those born organized people. Even as a child I can remember my mum yelling at me to clean my room, and that consisted of just shoving everything into my wardrobe or under the bed, and sadly as a adult not much has changed.

I am in need of serious help here people I have piles of crap everywhere!!, I have been reading the blog I heart organizing to try and motivate myself , but in the end I just end up rather

I have one room in the house that's all good in the way of being organized and that's Annabels room, the one room I have done up and cleaned out completely. *sigh* its going to be forever before the rest of the house is done the rate I'm going. But I don't want it to take a year I want it done now but where to start?? what have you done that works.. another thing holding me back is wasting money I doing want to go out and spend heaps of money on storage and organization then find it doesn't work to well!!

So for now I have 7 rooms and a deck to get sorted and no clue how or where to start

Boys bedroom
Our room
Dinning room
Computer room/ Big cupboard / Office to be
Bathroom/ Laundry
OK as I'm typing I have decided to offer a little RAK for your ideas if you have any tried, tested and doable organization tips for any of the rooms listed above leave a comment here send me a link or some pics so I can see what's up and in a week ill pick a random commenter and send them something little for there trouble, I don't know what yet but ill sort

Now things to remember , we have a very small house with 4 kids the boys are in in the same room and built in storage is non-existent and it has to be cost effective
Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Awesome Little Oven

 I am so happy about this little oven, and even happier that it gets played with daily. What started out as some old bed side tables has turned into a very cute little kitchen!!

The before pics, well sadly I cant find them but this is close to how it looked before but with out the draws in it and it has been chopped down a bit so it is Annabels height..

 And after a bit of sanding painting and adding pits and bobs this is what it looks like now. Isn't it FAB!! I have also made a sink to go with it but that still needs taps and a door handle to go with it so for now the oven is on show.

I think this is my most favourite thing in her room!

All the paper has been seeled with mod podge so it is easy to wipe down after a hard days cooking

thanks for looking :)

Wayward Weekend

 Also posted this at this blog i found this week, head on over and have a look!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Canvas redo

Project house Annabels room update.

Well a while ago I made a big canvas for Annabel. You can see it here.

Lets just say it didn't last :( the kids got to it rather quick and pulled off all the buttons and bits...grrrrr So I put it out in the shed to “fix up one day” well that day came I pulled all the bits off and started it all over again repainted the canvas and this time painted her name on it instead of using painting. Lucky for me all the little bits of paper came off very easy so I could reuse them.

Thanks for looking :)

April Challenges at Better Scrapbooking

The April Challenges ...

Layout Challenge - Create a layout using chalks. You make like to use chalks for your title, on a border or on the edges of your photo mates. Lets see how many different techniques with chalks you can use on one layout. Have fun, and get messy.

Photo Challenge - Perspective, perspective, perspective. This has been inspired by the winning photo of March's photo challenge. Take a photo using an unusual perspective.

Project Challenge - Create a fun Easter Basket - with some lovely decorated eggs inside (these eggs could be bought chocolate eggs if you like).

Card Challenge - Create a fun pop-up card of your choice. You may like to create an interesting way for a pop-up to pop-up.

Hope to see you joining in over at Better Scrapbooking!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Before and After Dressing table

Another project house update this time Annabels dressing table, since I wanted to do up her room I was determined that the crappy furniture wasn't going back into her room so went on the hunt for a new dressing table.

I found this one on trade me, and thought it was perfect so snatched it up as soon as I could.

Now I wasn't a fan of the wood grain but I bought it with the intention of painting it, so as soon as I got it home I took to it with the sander and went to work.

And this is how it turned out. All an all very happy with it and it looks. much better than the plastic draw set!!

Now off to look for some new draws for the boys room!!

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Before Photos *Shudder*

Well as you may know we have decided to start doing up our house. I hate it the way it is and its time to sort that out. One can hardly be expected to keep the place spotless and everyone happy, when she hates the space where she spends most of her time!!

So like I have said in a few posts now that Project house has started!! YAY!

I have started in my daughters room, this is the one room in the house were I have the freedom to do anything thing I want to do and I am loving it!

Today I'm going to show you the dreaded before photos...*shudder*

Annabels room is a L shape room, with a step down between the two levels

Not very girlie or nice was it!!

Over the next few post I'm going to be showing you everything I have done and made to go in her room to date. I will always be adding new things to it I'm sure, but I'm not reddy for a complete room reveal just yet, but I don't want to wait to show stuff

To start with a few weeks ago Tracy and I were talking about making plaited rag rugs! So what did I do?? Run out to the shop the next day and get everything I needed to start plaiting. What started out as great fun soon turned into a great bother if I'm to be everything plaited up all very well and I was very happy! But then came the sewing it up part well with out going in to to much detail about it all, lets just say after I sewed everything up I had to unpick everything, TWICE!! All 37 meters of plait!!!

But on Tuesday I had a rather productive day and got it finished !! AWESOME!! It is still a bit bunchy in places but I'm now so over it I don't really

But doesn't it look good !!! In the end I'm very happy with it, and it looks good as in little Miss Bells room.

Also I made Miss bell a little outfit! Isn't it cute!!

Anyway that is it for today's reveals. Ill be back with project house lots and often I'm sure

Thanks for looking :)