Saturday, January 29, 2011

Altered Photo Frame

I had this photo frame sitting around for a long time with broken glass, so a couple of nights ago I hauled it out and was wondering what to do with it! Couldn't put a photo in it, it would look funny, then thought of a big letter.

I left the sides plain, I think if I had added a bunch of stuff it would have lost the way it pops. And well Vinnie is now 11 and not into cars, dinosaur's and monster's, etc... But he liked it and its now hanging on his wall proudly next to his bed.

Now all the others have decided they want one too, off to look for more frames.

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

New DT Lay Out's for Better Scrapbooking!!!!!

Well I can finally show you the LO's I did for the Better Scrapbooking design team with the January scrap pack.

This months was, at first a real challenge for me as I don't normally use these types of papers, I go for big and bright papers for my own scrapping 9 times out of 10, but I fell in love with this paper and found it's just great with black and white or heritage photos.

And here they are.

Go check out the Better Scrapbooking newsletter for all the info on how these LO's were made.

Thanks for looking :)

Photo of the Week and a New Colour

This week my little Annabel decided to extend her independence and picked her own clothes to wear. This ensemble consisted of some pants I made, a skirt I made, T-shirt, blue and white striped socks with skulls all over them (you can tell she has big brother's) and pink shoes, oh and the hair clips we made the day before, the whole look was very bohemian. Pity that by the time I got to her with the cam she had lost the socks and hair clips but still showcases her own style and uniqueness.

And off the cuff of my I'M AWESOME post I thought it was time for a new look and that look is RED!!

Thou in this pic its not very red in direct sunlight its rather bright.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Double LO

OK I am not a fan of double LO, in fact I would go so far as to say I really just don't like them. So this was a real stretch for me. I did this LO before Christmas for a Facebook crop at crafty tart and completely forgot

This year the kids all helped me make some cards, they loved it, getting there fingers all in the paint and adding the bling all over.

Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mary!!! Calling Mary,

I am still looking for Mary, who won the rak I did a few weeks ago.

Please can you email me at so I can send out your goddies.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I really need to tell myself more often, I am a good, talented, honest, caring person so why do I have the need to have other people tell me this to feel it??? hmm question of the hour.

Why do I care about what I make/do for other people so much more than what I do for myself?? I guess seeing as this one of my things for the new years to work on. To let things go and not let what other people think, hasn't made any progress at all.

I am always talking about how my house is a mess and how I hate it , yet I don't look after it how I should, but when I go and clean my mums house I go above and beyond the call of duty. Then something has been pointed out to me today that has got me really thinking in a convo between my very good friend Tracy who inst afraid to call it how she sees it.

Well you are always going on about how much you hate your house and how horrid it is, but anything to do with it and stuff for your kids you don't put in the same effort as you do with things you do for other people to me that tells me you don't put as much value in yourself as others

And you know what that is soooo correct I don't value myself at all, so everything I do for myself suffers,

For an example how this convo came up. I was taking about some pants I had make for my daughter and I said some of the seems were shocking , so Tracy said “well maybe you need to take more care.” And I was all “nah she'll be right.” But in saying that, if I was making those pants for someone else I would be all up and arms about them being perfect!!

But how does one fix something like this??? its not something you just wake up one day and change, I cant change who I am, I cant suddenly care!

I'm not writing this post so people to comment and tell me I'm awesome I am writing this for myself in the hope that if I get it out there I might be more aware of what's going on in my head and to document how much I grow as I try to work on this problem of mine, to see if I make any progress at

Don't get me wrong if you have any suggestions as to how I could fix this part of myself and grow some self esteem please feel free to let my know!

Thanks for listing to my ramblings,

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sewing fun

So as a person that isn't a big fan of sewing, the title of this post just seems all wrong! But I must say I have had quite a lot of fun today and Friday.

On Friday I made curtains for my daughters room, my first attempt at making them and I feel rather proud, I know they have no gather, but the width of the fabric was 120 cm and the window was 2 meters long, plus being really lazy and and not adding panels, what can you do?? She is 2 she isn't going to care I so cant wait to go get the paint and get the rest of the room finished now !!!

Only problem is now, that since I first typed this post up my husband has fallen though the lounge ceiling while climbing around in the roof space looking for a leak, and now instead of paint I'm going to have to fix that instead. Sigh, if its not one thing its another. He is fine by the way. And no, he didn't find the leak!

Pic of where the huge hole was, he managed to patch it up a bit till we get it fixed

But today I had my niece and nephew here and Jess and I got busy making girlie stuff, while the boys took over the Xbox. We made little hand bags and hair clips , she had a great old time, pity I forgot to grab a pic of the bag and stuff before she left :( but hear are a couple of the clips.

And I also wiped up a skirt and pants for little miss, the skirt was made from a old top I had around and would never wear! Was easy as no need to even hem it if you do it

This is one of the little bags. My miss has taken ownership of it but Jess's one was way better it had handles and we added flowers all over it.

And now I'm off to make more pants!!

thanks for looking :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Challenges at Better Scrapbooking

Check out the challenges at Better Scrapbooking this month. You have until the end of January to enter the following challenges;

January Layout Challenge:
Your Summer Holidays. Create a layout of something you did over your Summer Holidays.

January Photo Challenge:
Fun in the Sun. Take a photo of you having fun in the "sun".

January Project Challenge:
Alter Something. Find something you can change the look of and alter it with your scrapbooking supplies. Let your imagination and creativity take flight with this challenge.

January Card Challenge:
Use Markers - Use them to colour your stamps, write a title or create a border. Lets see what you do with your Markers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Of The Week

Well theare 2 photos of the week this week, I just couldn't decide what one to post, been a good week for me and the

This week my mum, 3 of the kids and I took a we trip to the beach to look for shells, no swimming thou cos well I'm am scared of Naipers but the kids had a great old time picking over everything to find the perfect shells to bring home. I did manage to get a couple of shots of them being still, there is a first time for

This one was is of the 3 younger kids hanging out in the backyard on the climbing frame thing, don't you just love summer!! Nice hot days were you can send all the kids outside for the day and only come in for lunch and more sun cream!

And this pic is well just cos, I still have not had much luck at getting a good pic of all kids looking at me at the same time, but this is still good all the same:)

So it has been a bit of a slow blog week with nothing to really report, I have been working on my design team LO for Better Scrapbooking and have 3 done and about to get going on the next one, plus another couple of little things I'm going to do with the scrap pack. So far I have rather enjoyed myself, when I first opened the box I was so excited and also a little scared, okay a lot scared! the colours and papers in the pack are not ones I normally work with but I have loved the challenge and think I have done rather well, I will post the Los next week.

Domestic goddess training is going well, my house has been tidy 9 days out of 10, meals have been cooked 9 nights out of 10, okay so I'm not getting out of bed and dollying my self up each day, but hey I'm not wearing my pj's and dressing gown to the supermarket like I saw the other day either. I have cleaned out all the kids draws and have got a few bags of stuff to take to the opp shop this week, today I got so enthusiastic and scrubbed my carpet and then moved on to mums, next to be done is my room,*shudders* and then the kids toy boxes!! So my plan to start this year right in one aspect of life at least is going well, still have a long way to go with the house but I'm getting there!

Monday, January 10, 2011

YAY!! It's Arrived and the RAK Winner!!

And with it means I can tell you all what I have been wanting to for ages!!!

I'm a designer for Betterscrapbooking!!!

I made it onto there design team!! this has something I have been wanting to do for a long time and I'm very excited about it I have been in my shed for the better part of the afternoon working and almost have my first LO done!!!


oh and the RAK WINNER!

The winner is Mary who said,

Happy New Year.where to start.. I would like to get a lot of knitting done, for my grown up boys and girls, finish the 2 cross stitchings that I have started, it takes me a year to finish one, because I only do it during the Christmas and New years holidays...and of course get my knee surgery over with... Thanks for a chance to win goodies

congrats Mary, send me a email at and ill post the goodies out to you :)

thanks for looking

Friday, January 7, 2011

Photo Of The Week

So to finely restart up Photo of the week now Christmas is over and I'm not as busy. This weeks photo is nothing arty farty or anything, just nice photo of one of my boys Elliott on the Lions at Cornwall park.

We have found our self's hanging at the park a lot this summer already, the new splash pad is awesome, and I think its the best thing the council have done with the rates I pay.

And yesterday I decided to hall out Annabel little cradle and do it up a bit, this was mine from when I was little and still had the old paint work my dad did on it and well lets just say it was looking a but I also made a little mattress, pillow (OK so the pillow was the first mattress I made but once stuffed turned out way to so now its just a big pillow)and blanky to go with it, doesn't baby peaches look

Thanks for looking:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dream Big Baby Girl

New Lo to show, this one is of my Little girl Annabel, you may remember this photo from a few weeks ago for photo of the week (witch I will be starting up again now that Christmas is over and I'm not so busy) well I just loved this photo and really wanted to make a really pretty Lo to go with it, I think i did rather Still trying new things I have distressed all the edges of this paper, and inked them with two different coloured inks. Okay so not a big new thing to try but I'm getting there. Baby steps people, baby steps!!

Materials used: Papers. Upsydaisy designs, Blossom orchard, Spring is in the air.
Brillance Inks, Cosmic Copper, Coffee Bean.
The word Dream was cut with a Silhouette.
Tiny alpha stickers, Corolees Creations.
Flowers, just sone I had in my stash.

Don't forget I have a RAK going on the post below this one if you want a chance to win leave a comment:) oh and I have added a couuple more little things too!

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Its the New Year and a RAK to go with it

Well its a new year, the Christmas is done and over the kids all had a blast and the weather held out nicely, but the tree has gone the decorations have been taken down for another year, and so begins 2011.

So with the new year come a new attitude, this year I want to make some changes with how I live, there are lots of things I want to get done, family stuff, house stuff, (lots of house stuff) me stuff, crafting stuff, to plug in and get more involved, to be a better friend, to not worry myself sick over things and people I have no control of, to not take things so personally, so so much really I'm going to have to write up a but where to start!!

But for now one thing I'm very happy about is a few weeks ago I got involved and participated in a online crop on facebook for craftytart, I won a $10 voucher for being the first to sign in, and came second place overall !! look at this awesome tote bag from Tote Ally I won!! its very cool indeed!!! Now all I need to do is go shopping to fill it

So to wish you all a happy new years and to start this year right I'm going to do a RAK, all you have to do it leave me a comment telling me what you want this new year to be about and what you want to get accomplished, open to everyone :)

I know its not much but anything for nothing good right :)

thanks for looking :)