Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow my big boy is nine

My big boy is nine! I don’t know where the time has gone He has just grown up so fast. We didn’t have a party this year only every second year in this house. When I asked Vinnie what kind of cake he wanted, he simply wanted a chocolate cake in the shape of a nine covered with choc icing and lollies. So that’s what we made he was so happy and he loved his present this year instead of getting him a heap of toys we went for a WWE TV/DVD player and a couple of DVD's he says its his most favourite part of his birthday.

For dinner it was up to him, I honestly thought he was going to say Mc Donald’s or something like that but no not my boy he wanted to go to a restraint called breakers. It was great the kids where so well behaved it just toped of what was all ready a great day for all our family.

Blowing out the candles

WWE TV/DVD player

My little pudding pop

Ok this is my latest LO it’s the only thing crafty I have done all weekend. I have done this for bebo scrapbookes.

My little pudding pop Annabel I don’t know why I have started calling her this but it seems to be her new nick name…take note I have done some journaling and it wasn’t to scary…lol it just says how I call her this and no matter how old she gets it will always be that way.

Anyway thanks for reading


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