Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wow its been a while

Its about time I updated . Lets see what’s been going one around here? Well I have finely gotten a new camera. Yay. Its nothing flash just a point and shoot for now till I can save up to get a better one but hay I’m just happy to have a camera again. Happy early Christmas to me!

What else have I done? Well I have made all my Christmas decoration nice and early instead of leaving them till a week before the tree goes up like I normally do (meaning they don’t get made because I run out of time. lol) I know there not very Christmassy in the typical sense but in this house we don’t have a nice colour coordinated tree at all we have every colour of the rainbow on it.

Made out of cd’s I only did the first letter of everyone’s name because well I just didn’t have enough room to put the whole names. Although I still need to do mine but I couldn’t find the M for Mum I may need to just do a J instead. I think they look good. It was funny looking back at some of the ones I did a few years ago. I have come a long way since then lol.

These next two LOs I did for scrap bookers challenge on bebo , not very happy with it the first one but it done now the was going to be a couple more photos on it but my almost 4 year old got to them with my scissors and well I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

This one was a challenge with fabric I have never used fabric before on a LO so it was a little hard I did stuff it up a bit because I wasn’t going to put flowers on it at all but I had to hide my stuff all in all I don’t think it looks to bad really

And last but not least I made a card my first one ever!!! I have since made a few more still not sure about the whole card making thing but I have found it’s a good way toy use up all the scrapes hanging around.

Anyway thanks for reading


  1. You have been busy! Great LOs and card!

  2. You did a great job! All of these are beautiful!

  3. vey cool Jen!! Nice work I do LOVE those Christmas decorations!

  4. You do fabulous work... especially love the Christmas decorations and the layout!
    Kimmie (Fiskateer 1977)

  5. your fabric layout is so cute! :o)