Sunday, July 10, 2011

So, it been a while

like the title says, its been awhile since I last blogged, and for no other reason as I really couldn't be bothered. Since the death of my brother in law in late May I haven't really felt like doing much to be honest.

Rick was a big part of our lives and routine is weird now. When Sunday rolls around and we're not all piling into the car to go see him. Even right now I'm sitting here at 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon watching Vinnie and Jon playing the X box and I still feel like we should be getting ready to leave.

So over the past month in a half I have started lots of things and haven't really finished anything enough to show you, started painting my out door bench seat and table but haven't finished them, started recovering my couch, but again haven't finished, started altering a birdcage but haven't finished, started making the kids some pillowcase mattress things but again haven't finished them. Even Annabel's room isn't finished yet and I started that months ago Time to get out of this funk I thinks week might have to be a finishing week.

But for today I'm going to show a Lo I did about a week ago. first in ages that I have done. And a cake I made.

Just wanted to make a bright funky Lo this week in contrast to the b/w photo.

 So I decided I wanted to try fondant icing, we are getting ready for birthday season around here and with Vinnie deciding he wants a big castle cake this year and miss not really knowing what she wants just yet I am experimenting early.  This cake is my first go at fondant not to bad I think ..its a bit ruff around the place but I didn't have much fondant to work with and rolled it out to thin, but ill know for next time so its all good as far as I'm concerned, plus I had such fun!!

So I really do hope to be back real soon with something else actually finished.

Thanks for looking


  1. Ah I know that feeling, four years ago my brother was killed and I myself had the cant be bothered and it is such a hard thing to shack. I remember that for months I didn't scrap, or blog or really do much at all. But over time when the healing begins things to get better and life gets interesting again. ;)I'm so glad I read your post today as it brought make some good old memories I did want to forget oh and you cake is awesome!!

  2. What a great looking cake and layout. So sorry to hear about your funk, but you are allowed these from time to time. It has been a rough few weeks for you, you can't expect to keep going when things like this come around and knock you down. But the fact that you are picking yourself up is great.
    I love the idea of having a finishing week. I think I will have to keep that in mind for myself over the next little while.

    Take care of yourself, and have fun with finishing the crafting race as such.

  3. great to see you blogging again Jennie, love your cake and your layout, but then Im a big fan of all things you create, looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the next wee while :)

  4. sorry to hear about your brother in law and your funk :( all I can say is be kind to yourself and things do get better (this I know!)

    Love the cake and think a finishing week is an awesome idea and I could do a finishing week too

  5. Great Cake Jen!!! Please your starting to pick up after such a hard few weeks. I think its great your having a "finishing" week that is really positive. Make sure you do something for yourself this week as well.
    I am having a "Health" week - no crazy diet or exercise program. But I have just booked appointments for Chiropractor, Dentist, Doctor, "Lady" Doctor & a mole check - amazingly I have been able to get appts all this week - my poor bank balance at the by the end of the week. Worth it tho.... mums need to take care of themselves so they are here to take care of others for a long long time! :)

    Hope you have a productive week. see you Saturday week! Mums kitchen awaits! Need to talk/chat first as have some stuff for the kids - just need to check you want it before I bring it up.