Thursday, October 4, 2012

A cautionary tale

Now before this little story, if you don’t like gory pic’s please don’t read any more. But at the same time I do urge you to look, so you can have a nice talk to your kids about the dangers of glass. I know we have all said don’t play around glass you could get hurt, but I do recommend sitting your kids down, maybe show them these pics and having a really good talk about why doors and windows are not toys and are never to be used as such!

On Monday night about 7:50 I was sitting there minding my own business I was just thinking “hmmm it’s almost bed time for some of the kids” I could hear the boys yelling and chasing  each other and was just about to get up to tell them to get inside sit down and stop being dicks when, Smash!!!

MY oldest slammed the glass sliding door shut just when Elliott went to chase him though it!! I don’t think I have even moved as fast in my life. I heard the sound of the smash and glass breaking then the scream. All in seconds. When I got to Elliott he was just standing there with an utter look of shock on his face holding out his arm. What I saw scared the crap out of me!!!

What I saw was a huge V shape cut on his arm so deep the mussel was exposed and the skin was flapping around all over the place, and the blood, my god the blood was everywhere!

First thing I thought to do was just get the bleeding stopped so without thinking I just covered the wound with my hand, shoved it up in the air and held on tight while yelling for someone to get me the phone.

Then Annabel saw what happened and all hell broke loose!! Man that girl can scream! She I very protective of her brothers and she does not like seeing them hurt, and all this was just too much for her, I couldn’t even here the ambulance lady on the phone.
I called mum next told her to just get here NOW, then I rang Jon at work…”Elliott’s hurt met me at the hospital!!

I tell you it felt like forever for the ambo to get to our house, I think I remember the lady on the phone saying it could be some time before they get there, I’m not sure thou. Standing there holding your child’s bleeding arm in the air thinking to yourself all the bad stuff he might have cut “has he cut all the tendons? Veins? Will he bleed out before anyone gets here? …its scary stuff, then when you see him go very pale and a bit wobbly on it real panic sets in so I made mum ring them again.

Anyway long story short Jon turned up and said the ambos are on their way, he was at A&E waiting and heard the call come in over the radio, said to the guys, look that’s my kid I’ll go get him and just bring him in, and they said nah we will go. So they turned up and I felt so justified when they took one look at the wound and gave each other a look and said that’s not great we will take him. (Ha I wasn’t over reacting!) Self-doubt sets in after a while!

Rolling the story ahead a bit we are in a&e at this point we have been told looks like it’s going to be surgery to repair the damage and a night in hospital, then another doctor arrived and cleaned out the wound and have a really, really good look, this was hard to watch. Elliott had No pain meds at this point and cleaning up hurt so much he went bright red and was just shaking like a leaf, he refused to cry and just handled everything they did to him!

So after a good cleaning and x-rays were done, another doctor bought in to have a wee look they decided, there was no mussel or tendon damage and he could be stitched up and sent him that night…what a relief!!   So 5 ½ hours and 17 stitches later we were on our way home.

 Photo time!!
before stitches , just after it got cleaned

After stitches

Now on a little 7 year old arms, its really it huge

Also these photos aren't the best. I only had my phone on me

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  1. Oh gosh that's soooo scary!
    So glad that things are all on the mend..