Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas

Because I am a slack tart, I never did get around into making a December daily. Even after constant nagging from my friend Tracy I still just never got it done....So once December rolled around I was all like "Well, its to late now." So I put the idea right out of my head. Till, last week when I had a brain wave, ill do the 12 days of Christmas!! The same as a daily December but the last 12 days leading up to it!!  I found a kids board book we had around that none of the kids read anymore and went to work.

All the papers and tags are from Simple Stories 25 days of Christmas 
6x6 paper pad

I just LOVE this little pack, made my job so much easier, everything just fell together nicely!!


Inside cover first page
I'm not going to post pics of each page they all look much the same as page one 

Thanks for looking :)

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