Friday, September 19, 2008

back from camp

Well it been almost a week since I got back from scrap camp so I think its about time I updated this…lol

First off scrap camp was great I had a blast Tracy and Kris where everything I thought they where going to be (crazy) and it was so much fun. The nights where late and little drunken but there was lots of talking going on. I was surprised we got any work done at all

Sorry trace I pinched the pic off your blog…hope you don’t mind. Lol

And here is what I got done

This is a pic of my baby girl Annabel.

And my little boy Elliott but we always call him noodle and well as you know super hero’s always have a secret identity.

And another LO of baby Annabel

And last but not least Kris challenge was to alter a letter and this is mine

There was also Tracy’s challenge, witch was a little book but I’m not really happy with that so I’m going to redo it at a later date plus there was my challenge but I completely messed it up so I no longer want to even talk about it…lol

Anyway thanks for reading


  1. Sounds like you had a productive camp. Love your layouts, especially the pink one.

  2. hehehe I don't mind that you stole my picture, I did promise I's email them to you and haven't yet do opps sorry!! hehe