Monday, September 22, 2008

YAY me i did it

Ok well I did it I used one of the papers I have been holding off of using and I think it looks rather good ..I decided to do a LO of me because well I just don’t do LO’s of me at all and since I fell in love with this paper I thought it was appropriate

Ok so I haven’t really mastered the art of taking pics to show the poppy up bits yet…lol

This is another LO I did this weekend for the bebo challenge. I’m not very happy with this one thou so this could change very soon I just don’t know yet. btw on this LO i used rubons that have been sitting there forever just screaming to be used but i keeped on chicken out. bebo challenge group.

Anyway thanks for reading


  1. I think you have done a great job on using your paper!! You are much braver than I am cause I would be too scared to do a LO of myself!!

  2. your pages are so pretty! i don't even have a recent picture of me, guess i better get with it if i want to leave a little bit of "me" in my scrapbooks. :)

  3. Yay you! These LOs are lookin' good. I chickened out and had my niece put gesso, watercolor and transferring images to use. Hee.