Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Great Cake Disaster!!!

Hi all, just dropping off another LO I did last week. I know is not the best LO I have done but I'm going to post it anyway cos take a look at the journaling!!!! Hand written even!! YAY me. I think I am stating to get over the fear!!

Journaling reads:

People that know me know I'm not a cake person. So I was so happy with how Elliott’s 4th birthday cake turned out I just had to take a photo. So off I went and took the photo then off I ran to load it on to the pc so I could show a friend of mine who was online at the time. I was so excited I forgot I had left the cake sitting on the table!! Next thing I see is Alex covered in icing from head to toe!! I was gutted cos of my own stupidity the cake was stuffed and I was almost crying. But in the end all was well and I did manage to fix the cake. Elliott didn’t mind, he couldn’t even tell.

thanks for looking!


  1. Love that you scrapped this moment. I have the same fear of journaling.

  2. Love the LO and the cake looks so yummie!