Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hi everyone, so I haven't really been around much the past few weeks, I have still been doing some scraping but not much really and I have been spending more and more time away from the pc. I seemed to have lost a bit of my mojo!! I have been trying to catch up a little bit ( cos I will never really be ACU)on my boy LO but I seem to have lost it when it comes to boy LOs now ...I just cant think of anything new to do!!! any way here are a couple of pic of the LOs I have done.

Lo of my oldest boy Vincent when he was 5.

My first heritage LO ever, very happy with how this one turned out in the end. This is a pic of my Mum when she was about 2 years old.

This LO and the one under it are very much the same but one of the is going into mMums album I am making for her.

And last but not least another Lo of Annabel sitting up!!! She has only just started to do this by herself over the past week!!
Anyway thanks for looking, I hope to be back soon.

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  1. gorgeous Lo's .. they are all very nice, I couldn't pick a favorite..good job.. Mariah 2457