Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh my gosh!!!!

Almost 4 months have pasts since my last post *smacks hand* and what have I got to show for my four months …well not a I don’t know why but all desire to do anything crafty left me for a while there!!! But I’m and slowly creeping back and I have done two Los this week!! One thanks to the tm scrapers challenge that got me off my butt and made me do something!!!

LO of my daughter Annabel and I, pics taken Nov 2008.

This is the other lo I did of my boy Alex playing in the mud at out house.

And I also have a wee RAK to offer but you’re going to have to work for it ….See I have a paper problem!!! I have 9 draws to sort my 12x12 paper in but I have no idea how to sort the papers, at the mo I have them in colour (sort of) but it is now all mixed up and I have no idea what I have and where it is. HELP!!!

So post a comment on this post telling me how you would sort the paper in these nine draws and ill pick a random winner at the end on the week!!

Thanks everyone I hope to be back real soon with some more Los to show you all!!!


  1. OOO well I would sort my card stocks first off.. Then I would do Like spring~Winter~Birthday~Christmas~
    OO I love your Layouts too..

  2. I sort all my cardstocks paper by color and then I sort my patterned papers by circles, lines, floral, and misc. patterns. In each of the sections like the circles etc. I sort by colors also.

  3. I sort my cardstock by color and brand. I like to keep my Bazzill seperate from the cheaper stuff that I will allow my kids to use. I then break up my pattern paper into themes. Good luck

  4. I would sort my card stock by color than my 12 by 12by season and color and also by quality...but the way i would sort my pp i would need more than 9 drawers

  5. I'm afraid that your 9 drawers would not corral half of my paper--just means that I need to scrap more, LOL! I think the trick is to determine what & how you scrap and go from there.
    I have my plain cardstock sorted in 5 see thru drawers according to the color wheel. Special cardstock (Bazzill, textured, sparkly, etc) and kits are kept in a milk crate type cube under my scrap table. My pp's are in the closet, hanging in XXL zip locks on those multi rod skirt hangers by manufacturer/designer by line. If I buy a slab of paper, it's in there divided by color if big enough (w/a ziplock for any stickers or punch outs that come with it and a separate ziplock for any solids). I also have hanging ziplocks for the individual sheets I might pick up (not really a name manufacturer but HL, Mike's, etc.) and those are sorted by theme (Christmas, pets, travel, etc.) or just by color.
    Best of luck! Your layouts are fab. Would love to see more soon!

  6. I gave up sorting mine a while ago--now I have plain, Christmas, Halloween, "special" ones that I want to keep track of, and "the rest!"

    Here's an idea though, which I tried for a while:


    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  7. Sorry but I forgot to add a hint that someone gave me for pp's if you decide to sort by color. For multicolored paper that doesn't appear to have a dominate color--squint at it. A dominate color should then appear.
    Once again, best wishes for a successful paper organization scheme.

  8. I'd most likely sort all my patterned paper by company into these lovely things. I'd probably use one drawer for raindots and other special embellishments.

  9. Great ideas. I sort my PP by manufacturer. I used to sort by stripes, circles, ect... But then I had to dig to find matching pattern paper if I wanted to used more than one pattern. (hope this makes sense!)

  10. The best way is to stack them on the floor, sit in the middle and sort them according to paper type, color, theme and style. then store them, placing the most used on top, with the least used on bottom.
    LOL that's how I do it anyway.
    Oh by the way I also keep a folder for my larger scraps right on top of a certain stack, like for example my colored cardstock stack would have a folder of colord CS scraps on top, that way I check first to see if I have a big enough scrap before I cut a sheet.
    Hope this helps.

  11. My first thought was alphabetical by colors. And a drawer for pattern paper and maybe one drawer for really special paper!

    good luck!

    patty 2832

  12. I would sort in rainbow color order. ROYGBV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) and then black, brown, white. Hope you can fit it all in!

  13. Nice blog - Hopefully us fiskateers can give you perfect advice for paper storage.. I personally LOVE themes, but also designers (mine are by theme (like flowers, b-day - but also inside those folders there are done by color and designer) I took a lOOONG time to get it where i wanted it! LOL.. With the drawers, i'd recommend if you don't have a lot of themes - go color but also by designer! Krysti 3943

  14. I sort my paper my the carstock and then I do it by PP, then by the seasons

    thanks for the chance to win what is the candy btw?


  15. I also sort my paper by color, and like someone already mentioned ,by circled lined floral, and then dotted and so on.. we hope we are of any help to you... Thanks for a chance to win some goodies.. Mariah.. #2457

  16. I'd do 7 drawers of color sorted paper, and the other two with my favorite themes: Pets and Holidays.

    Thanks for doing this RAK! It's neat to find new blog to read.

  17. Forgot my fiskateer number! I'm Fiskateer #1135.