Sunday, December 5, 2010

Domestic Goddess Reality or Dream.

My very good friend Tracy asked a question on her blog the other day that got me thinking, domestic goddess reality or dream.

Well for me this has always been a dream and never the reality, Sigh.... I have always been very envious of these women you see always dressed awesome make-up done, house spotless with not a thing out of place and kids well manned, tidy, lovely and clean all the time, dinner made on time and not just eggs on toast kind either. Where at my house the story is very different, there is no dressing nicely, there is getting up putting on the trackys and what ever T shirt is around, there is no make up; that's laughable, the house is a mess 90% of the time, and the kids, well they bath everyday but they are always filthy, they are loud and messy and dinner is often a rushed job never really been planned out, more of ‘oh bugger its 4- 4:30 what on earth am I going to have for dinner.’

So the question has been asked can I change this? Can I become the domestic goddess I always wanted to be? I’m not talking 1960 house wife here but more of the 2000 version , I’m thinking getting up and making myself at leasts presentable to the world, my house tidy 90% of the time instead of the other way round, my kids organised and well a bit quieter wouldn't go a miss either, and dinner to be made nicely 5 nights out of 7. Do you think this might be a bit to much to ask? Keeping in mind im very lazy and have a terrible time getting my big bum off the couch and the

So today I will be writing up a schedule and a list of the things I need to get done and will report in a couple of days how I’m getting on.

Wish me luck!

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