Sunday, May 1, 2011

With No Apologising At All

Today I'm showing you my lounge and bedroom. In the lounge I started off by only planing to do my book shelf but that quickly turned a total lounge over hall, and because I wasn't planing to do it all I only really got pics of the book shelf but I have found a pic of my chair I took a wee while ago with all the washing on it so it looked much the same so ill post that to.

The book shelf covered in crap.

There really is a chair under there somewhere.

The floating shelves

Now I have a nice reading corner and my chair back!! yay!! I am loving the way the shelves are looking now the bottom boxes have a toy box for the kids stuff that get left around the place instead of making it back to there room,(you know how Lego's and marbles can travel) next is books for the kids, then plugs and cords, then the last one is Jon's 1980 wrestling mags and some DVDs.

Next is our bedroom

Now I went in there guns a blazing and forgot all about before pics so I went and grabbed during pics for this one, since we have four kids we decided to put all the boys in our big master bedroom and we have taken the smallest room in the house. Now Jon always sleeps on the right hand side of the bed and well he's not a little guy so it was always rather funny to watch him on his tipy toes edging between the bed and dresser but in reality it was rather painful for the lad he is forever banging his knees and stubbing his I have taken pity in him and today moved the bed so he can now very easily get to it, added bonus is now he gets to sleep by the door witch he prefers but also when the kids get up they will bug him first HAHAHAHAHA

On a side note amazing the junk you can pull out of such a little room a 2 bags of clothes to go to the opp shop and a suitcase full of crap that didn't My poor dinning room has become the dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a home

Thanks for looking


  1. Looking freaking awesome babe!!!

  2. love the do over, want to come over to my place ;)

  3. All the rooms are looking amazing. be proud of yourself!

  4. great work! Would you like to come and sort my childern's rooms :)They seem to daunting to me.