Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting back in to it!

So its been a bit of a off week so not much has been going on here, only really getting back in to the organize house thing yesterday.

I did get my office/big cupboard done, but then life happened and well I never got around to posting it. I will not be showing you the before photos for this room thou, cos well it was really that bad, the difference is night and day in that little room!!


The red and blue boxes on the big shelf are for all the kids school/daycare stuff so its no longer just sitting around in big piles, all the paper work for the house, work, ird etc have been sorted too!! didn't I do well!!

In the big bins you see there the top one is part of out emergency kit and the bottom one is all the insulation that came out of the ceiling when Jon feel though it see that here. FYI still not fixed !!

Yesterday I spent a good 4-5 hours in the boys room sorting EVERYTHING!! but no photos of that just yet. (The batteries in the camera are flat) will do that later thou!!

So what have you organized lately??

Thanks for looking Jennie .

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