Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project clean up and get organized

Or what ever you want to call it is back on!!!
Now with 28 days till Christmas its time to get my stuff sorted!! My house has very much been neglected over the past few months, and with all the family descending on us at Christmas its about time I sorted it out!! So today it starts. I am being ruthless, everything must go...well not everything but you get the idea.....Now where to start??

I don't know if ill be posting the before and after pics like I did last time, we'll see how I go! If it will help motivated ppl ill think about it!

So whose with me??


  1. Jennie you fully motivated me to do mine!! and its still looking great, well its looking great in a lived in kinda way but def not in a pigstye kinda way like it did!!! I'm a long way off where I wont to be but getting there

  2. I am SOOO on board with this one. Infact i have already started. I am making quilts out of all my stacks of material. (one down????????to go) and will be setting aside time to get my scrapbooking corner and some unfinished projects (at this time of the year i like to go through all the past Christmases and scrap those as yet unscrapped). I really want to have this place in order especially if the stars align and we get to move this year (this coming year?)
    Im so looking forward to two scrapping classes before Christmas as well!1
    love Craftycherry

  3. I will join in! I have so much to do around the house, I thought that I'd be motivated but the jobs seem massive!! I'll try keep you motivated if you do the same for me!