Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alex turns 5

Well it was 5 years ago I was sitting in hospital complaining. I had been in there for 4 1/2 weeks so far and was just told my c section was going to be another week and a half away. I was 37 weeks, big and grumpy with everything and the thought of another 2-3 weeks of being stuck in hospital was just to much for me!! But then then about 4 pm I started to get niggles didn't really think much of them to begin with, didn't even really notice them, but by 7 that night I said to one of the midwifes hey umm, I think something is happening down here, so hooked up to more machine is was and 2 hours later i was being wheeled into surgery And Alex was born!! lucky he decided to come when he did too, we found out after the fact neither of us would have lasted much more than 2-3 days (the placenta had started die and blood poisoning wasn't far off) and look at him now!! all grown up and off to school.

such a big boy now, but he looks so little in his uniform

Since it was his last day of pre school I made thees little pots for teacher gifts

All of them together

Caterpillar cake for last day of pre school
lucky boy gets two cakes.

The Birthday boy in his Birthday hat at pre school

When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said a skull so
that's just what he got.

Happy boy!! 

So thanks for looking and letting me share my big boy


  1. Nawwwww! Look how big he is and handsome! Awesome cakes and gifts you made what a fantastic Mum you are!

  2. Cakes and teacher gifts look awesome. cute wee dude with a wicked smile.