Friday, August 10, 2012

No Scrap Pack This Month :( No Worries I'll Make Of My Own

So with no scrap pack to do this month from better scrapbooking I am left going now what??? what scrapbooking should I do this month?? The scrap packs I get every month sort of answer that question for me!!

So I have decided to make my own and really challenge myself. Out of my own stock I have made my own pack. I have made it so all the papers are different, everything matches yet nothing does, if you know what I mean!!

I have also set myself some rules for this too, can’t make a challenge and cheat can we!!

 Homemade scrap pack rules
1: The paper cannot all be from the same paper pack or line
2: Must have 10 sheets of paper, NO more
3: To get 5 layouts from the pack
4: I can use paint, ink, stamps, pens, markers and alphas from stock
5: Apart from said items above, I can only use the emmbiles in the pack

So this is my pack. See what I mean about everything matching yet nothing!! Anyway as you can see this is quite a mix of different brands colors and patterns!! Watch this space I am going to start wotrking on this very soon!! 

1 comment:

  1. Watching very closely LOL. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
    I also recognise some of those papers too LOL.
    Good luck with your challenge.