Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project House Update

So I have been about quiet on the house front, mostly cos it’s a bit of a mess and well I’m a bit ashamed about it …but we shall not dwell about that right now. That’s another post entirely!

But things have been moving, a couple of months ago we went from a three bedroom house to a four bedroom one!!!

No we have not added on to our house at all, but my daughter’s room was an L shape room, and all it was going to take to split that room was the addition of a door and wall. My husband and I were sitting there one night talking about our oldest boy Vinnie. He is almost 13 and was sharing a room with his younger brothers (7 and 5) not ideal, he needed his own space!! Then Jon said why don’t we split Annabel’s room up and put a door in to the lounge!!! It was a light bulb moment. One of those we have been living here for what is it, 8 years?? Why on earth didn’t we think of it before moments!!!

So with that decided work got started and a doorway was made, and a forth bedroom created!! All be it very teeny tiny rooms but rooms none the less!!!!

Room before!



Annabel's room after

Vinnie's room after

Now there is still a bit of work to go, we have the finishing touches to do and I have yet to finish painting Vinnie's room, but I have done him one awesome wall. I will post that in  a couple of days!!


  1. great work, bet he is stoked to have his own space, I only had a teeny tiny room when I was growing up but man I loved it, to this day it is still, the best room I have ever had x