Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time For A New Direction!!

Ok people it is time to be brutally honest. I am not a good blogger (I think we all know this already), I am not a good speller (I think we all know this too) I am not a great cook or house wife and I am really not a great poker player. But you know what I am doing it all anyway, and I really want to get better at it all. I have decided that a new direction is needed.

I first made this blog solely for my craft stuff but at some point I started adding new things to it then I went back to crafting, and I have just sort of flip flopped ever since. truth is that I don’t always craft so I don’t always have crafty things to blog about, but I am always living my life and have things to say, So why not  say them here!! So much has happened in the last 6 months I could have told you guys all about, and I have just sat silent and being very blah!

I am a mother, wife, friend, crafter, reader, DIY enthusiast. I am messy, unorganized and a lot of the times unmotivated. I am honest if not with myself with you guys, I am not scared to show you my before pics no matter how bad they are (ok  so that’s a big fat lie I am petrified) I am not perfect and I don’t come off as. I am a mess, I have a couch full of washing (mostly clean) none of the beds in the house are made, I haven’t unloaded the dishwasher this morning, and I haven’t brushed my hair. But I’m here in the hopes that as I stumble and fall I can help a few of you get your shit sorted too!!

First off
The house
I have decided I hate living in my house the way it is. It is messy cluttered and untidy All the time and I’m over it, and guess what??? It’s not going to change itself it’s up to me!! I can’t be doing the same stuff everyday expecting different results, then complaining about it. So I am making it my mission to do it up one room at a time. Starting with the master bedroom, so keep an eye out for that very soon, the wallpaper striping has already begun!

Look good feel good
I don’t bother dressing up most of the time and I only every really wear makeup if I’m going out for the night or out to dinner, I’m thinking it might be time to change that, I’m not meaning going full on Kim Kardashian everyday but you know making an effort every now and then could be a good thing and might just make me feel a little bit better about myself

So this is me now and the new direction I am going to be taking with this blog. I will still be posting crafty stuff as I do it but now it will just be mixed in with a lot of other awesomeness!

It also may be a time for a bit of a makeover!! what do you recon??

Thanks for reading Jennie

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