Monday, January 24, 2011

Sewing fun

So as a person that isn't a big fan of sewing, the title of this post just seems all wrong! But I must say I have had quite a lot of fun today and Friday.

On Friday I made curtains for my daughters room, my first attempt at making them and I feel rather proud, I know they have no gather, but the width of the fabric was 120 cm and the window was 2 meters long, plus being really lazy and and not adding panels, what can you do?? She is 2 she isn't going to care I so cant wait to go get the paint and get the rest of the room finished now !!!

Only problem is now, that since I first typed this post up my husband has fallen though the lounge ceiling while climbing around in the roof space looking for a leak, and now instead of paint I'm going to have to fix that instead. Sigh, if its not one thing its another. He is fine by the way. And no, he didn't find the leak!

Pic of where the huge hole was, he managed to patch it up a bit till we get it fixed

But today I had my niece and nephew here and Jess and I got busy making girlie stuff, while the boys took over the Xbox. We made little hand bags and hair clips , she had a great old time, pity I forgot to grab a pic of the bag and stuff before she left :( but hear are a couple of the clips.

And I also wiped up a skirt and pants for little miss, the skirt was made from a old top I had around and would never wear! Was easy as no need to even hem it if you do it

This is one of the little bags. My miss has taken ownership of it but Jess's one was way better it had handles and we added flowers all over it.

And now I'm off to make more pants!!

thanks for looking :)

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