Friday, January 27, 2012

Crayon Canvas

Crayon canvases  are all over pintrest. It seems like everyone is making one, so I thought well why not me!! only problem is I had no hair dryer or a hot glue gun I wanted to use so what was a girl to do??

Well she whips out the handy dandy hair straighteners of course, only don't tell my husband who used to be a hair dresser I don't think he would be impressed at all.

So I started of by gluing some cheap crayons to the top of a canvas. These canvases are only little ones not the big ones you see on pintrest so I only used half a crayon instead of a full one. And simply pressed my straighteners onto it, I did have the for thought to used grease proof paper so I didn't get a lot of colour bleeding going on.

I am really happy how these turned out and I just love the black one can't wait to hang these in Vinnie's new room!!

Thanks for looking


  1. I love them!! I really want to do it too but I don't have a hair dryer OR straighteners!!

  2. They look awesome. Would an embossing heat gun work for doing it Tracy?