Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dressing Table Redo

Draws in our house have always been something of  rarity, we never seem to have enough. So a while ago (months, well before last Christmas) I was on a FB garage sale for my area and found this gem for only $50.

Only major problem with it was the colour!!! I mean look at it!!

Anyway this was originally going to be for my room and I had a big plan to strip it back to the wood and do it up all nice, but once I got started I found a bit of it had been filled with putty and even though 99% of it was perfect that 1 % would have looked odd, So away it went half striped into my room to be hidden away under a pile of clothes for a few months.

But the draw crisis had reached its peak, Annabel needed a bigger set than she had,  whats a Mum to do?? Something she really didn't want to that's for sure, Hall out the big half striped set and start all over again.

Two days of striping, sanding, fixing and painting we have this!!

And  HUGE thanks to Tracy for giving me the kick in the bum and motivation to do it all.

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