Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time To Get Real

As a family of 6 we spend a lot of money on food, our weekly shopping bill would come to about $250. And that is not including the stuff I forget and have to go and back for. So really if we are being completely honest, I would say or weekly food bill comes to at least $350-400, That is for ONE week, I haven’t really added up everything I spend in a week at the supermarket, I am way to scared to do it, but man $400 a week on food is just CRAZY!!!

Times are tough, and although my husband has a good job we can’t afford to be spending that much on bloody food each week!!! Summer is coming and with it summer uniforms, I have birthdays to get ready for and also Christmas will be here before I know it.  I would also like to have a bit of a life this summer, and maybe go on a little family holiday!!  I could do a hell of a lot with an extra $800. a month.

So it is challenge time…. Big challenge time!

Can I get our food spending under control?? Can I get our monthly food bill under $800? Almost halving it.  Is this even possible??It’s a tall order but I think with some very careful planning I might be able to do it!!

I am sort of obsessing about this at the moment. so i will be posting and updating about this often.

But I want to know what has worked for you, What tips and tricks do you have about saving money, do you have any favourite recipes that are low cost and a big family would love?? I want to hear from you!! post a comment in the section below.

Wish me luck! 

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  1. Good Luck!!
    For me planning all our meals in advance definitely helped save on the grocery bill, home baking is also cheaper, looking through the supermarket catalogues and seeing what is on special etc etc. Finding out when meat is marked down, as well as having a big freezer helps a lot too!