Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spring Has Sprung, Time To Clean

Every year about this time I get a itch to clean, and this year is no different.  I may have taken this years clean up a step further than normal though.

Look what arrived this morning.

And with that it is time to empty out and clean the shed, I am sorry I forgot to get before photos of the mess so you miss out on them this time BUT..It really is amazing the things you find hidden in sheds!.

First off a Bayonet!!!

A real genuine Bayonet from 1910!! I have checked all the markings and stamps and stuff and its real!!! who knew...

next a old smoking add ....My Husband used to be a hairdresser and he used to own his own salon but before it was our salon it was a barbers shop and tobacconist. When we sold up we found this on the clean up bought it home and forgot all about it.  as you do.

Ironic I find it now when I have stopped smoking and say a big NO.

Elephants... lost of them but sadly most of them broken but not this we

And Jon's old surfing ring, didn't even know he had

 These was just a few of the awesome things I house found today, what have you found while cleaning out a old shed, crawlspace, attic etc???

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