Saturday, September 28, 2013

Updating A Mixed Media Canvas.

So it was time to update Annabels canvas, 

This is what it looked like before, I used a heap of scraps up and it was really cute for a while. But them everything started to fall of and it was just naff, it got put away in the ill fix that one day basket, and there it stayed till about 3 days ago

And now it looks like this!

I was a bit worried after I finished it, it's not what you would call really girly, while yes it is pink and has girly colours and patterns I really thought it might be a bit teenage girl-ish, but Annabel loved it so all goods!!

All the paper came from
Crate Paper: Paper Hearts collection
American Crafts: 5th & Frolic collection

I am very sorry about the video thou, I have a new camera and well I'm still working out the bugs, and also, I have changed my scrapbooking corner and I am still in a transitioning stage with it all so this was filmed at my dinning table with not the best lighting. but I hope you will forgive me!!

Thanks for looking!

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