Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Of The Week

Well theare 2 photos of the week this week, I just couldn't decide what one to post, been a good week for me and the

This week my mum, 3 of the kids and I took a we trip to the beach to look for shells, no swimming thou cos well I'm am scared of Naipers but the kids had a great old time picking over everything to find the perfect shells to bring home. I did manage to get a couple of shots of them being still, there is a first time for

This one was is of the 3 younger kids hanging out in the backyard on the climbing frame thing, don't you just love summer!! Nice hot days were you can send all the kids outside for the day and only come in for lunch and more sun cream!

And this pic is well just cos, I still have not had much luck at getting a good pic of all kids looking at me at the same time, but this is still good all the same:)

So it has been a bit of a slow blog week with nothing to really report, I have been working on my design team LO for Better Scrapbooking and have 3 done and about to get going on the next one, plus another couple of little things I'm going to do with the scrap pack. So far I have rather enjoyed myself, when I first opened the box I was so excited and also a little scared, okay a lot scared! the colours and papers in the pack are not ones I normally work with but I have loved the challenge and think I have done rather well, I will post the Los next week.

Domestic goddess training is going well, my house has been tidy 9 days out of 10, meals have been cooked 9 nights out of 10, okay so I'm not getting out of bed and dollying my self up each day, but hey I'm not wearing my pj's and dressing gown to the supermarket like I saw the other day either. I have cleaned out all the kids draws and have got a few bags of stuff to take to the opp shop this week, today I got so enthusiastic and scrubbed my carpet and then moved on to mums, next to be done is my room,*shudders* and then the kids toy boxes!! So my plan to start this year right in one aspect of life at least is going well, still have a long way to go with the house but I'm getting there!

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  1. Love the photo of the week and all your domestic goddess training - good on you! Im sorry I can't say same about my house... Nice to meet you, Jody, a kiwi living in Oakland...