Monday, January 3, 2011

Its the New Year and a RAK to go with it

Well its a new year, the Christmas is done and over the kids all had a blast and the weather held out nicely, but the tree has gone the decorations have been taken down for another year, and so begins 2011.

So with the new year come a new attitude, this year I want to make some changes with how I live, there are lots of things I want to get done, family stuff, house stuff, (lots of house stuff) me stuff, crafting stuff, to plug in and get more involved, to be a better friend, to not worry myself sick over things and people I have no control of, to not take things so personally, so so much really I'm going to have to write up a but where to start!!

But for now one thing I'm very happy about is a few weeks ago I got involved and participated in a online crop on facebook for craftytart, I won a $10 voucher for being the first to sign in, and came second place overall !! look at this awesome tote bag from Tote Ally I won!! its very cool indeed!!! Now all I need to do is go shopping to fill it

So to wish you all a happy new years and to start this year right I'm going to do a RAK, all you have to do it leave me a comment telling me what you want this new year to be about and what you want to get accomplished, open to everyone :)

I know its not much but anything for nothing good right :)

thanks for looking :)


  1. I would like this year to be about No one going to hospital (3), No one else needing surgery (2) No one running away from home (1)
    Not much to ask for LOL
    And I would like to get my graduation album finished

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  3. this year is my year to share scrap supplies with my 10yr old boy crazy daughter, my scrappy virgin friends in australia & hope to meet more people. sending smiles from across the miles in New Zealand ,great RAK & see you around the fiska-boards

  4. I would like to make 2011 about being content in all aspects of my life.... crafting ability, relationships with family and friends, and my aging body and appearance. Came here from Fiskateers - you have a great blog! Thanks for the VERY nice RAK offering.

  5. Happy New Year :0)
    I hope this New Year is all about getting more Done...OMG Last Year I was such a Slacker!!!! I need to get off my booty and do more...LOL
    Oh and I so need to get my craft area back in group...I let my mom move in and urgh...there went my craft room...oh well I love her :0)
    Thanks for the Rak chance :0)

  6. Hi this is my first visit here tthrough the KMB site. I want this year to be about abundance of many tings - creating, laughing, making a new home, joyfulness, shining my light.... I hope your year is better that you even imagine. Thanks for a lovely giveaway to start the year. makeitgiveit(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. you have a very nice blog! I came from the fiskateers blog!!!this year i want to focus on my SB'ing!! I have tons to get caught up on.

  8. Happy New Year.where to start.. I would like to get a lot of knitting done, for my grown up boys and girls, finish the 2 cross stitchings that I have started, it takes me a year to finish one, because I only do it during the Christmas and New years holidays...and of course get my knee surgery over with... Thanks for a chance to win goodies

  9. I just want to work harder on accepting the things that I can not change and instead just coount my blessings.
    Fiskateer #4437
    Congrats on your win by the way.

  10. I would this year to be about doing more for me (more exercie, more reading, more quality time with the kids, more scrapbooking!). It's all about me, right?

  11. awhhh the new year...I want it to be full of scrappy accomplishments, new projects, enjoying a new baby...and just pure happiness

    Becky #7047

  12. I would like 2011 to be cancer free for my family. And more scrappy time for me. Congrats on winning!Thanks for the wonderful RAK offering.

  13. How sweet of youto offer us candy!!I really want to finish my wedding scrapbook this year...thanks for the chance..Hugs Regena #6124

  14. What a lovely way to start the New Year with a RAK. My wish for 2011 is to continue to survive another night & wake each day with my lovely hubby, the best a women could have.
    Good luck with your 2011 wishes & hopes, may you all enjoy looking back in 12 months time & saying how great it has been to have achieved so much.