Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lay out....What the...

Hi guys, another quick LO post.

I was sorting some photos to get printed the other day and came across these photos, now bit of back story …I didn’t take these photos, nor do I know who took them, or when. But at some point my daughter has gotten into some of my stickers and one of the boys has taken some photos of it..lol It really is amazing what you find when you go wondering around your hard drive!!

Products Used

Jillibean soup blossom soup fresh cilantro
Road show Dainty print
Plain paper bag
Washi type
Glimmer mist
Black ink

Thanks for looking

1 comment:

  1. Great layout... My kids have not touched my stash yet.... They are on strict instructions to stay away from all the draws/desk etc where my stash lies... Only time they are allowed them is under supervision. LOL I sound horrible but this stuff costs a fortune!