Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung here in NZ and so with it the flowers….

But there is a down side to spring and this is the dreaded spring clean. Now I know there are no rules that say you have to have a huge clean up in spring in fact I know many ppl who have no use for this term at all but sadly I am not one of these people.

I am a messy person by nature. I can’t even open a tin of paint without getting covered in the stuff. At a young age I can remember my mother yelling at me to clean my room over and over and over again, so I did what any good kid does, I shoved everything I could into the wardrobe, under the bed and into draws in till it passed muster!! But sadly as an adult nothing much has changed. I didn’t grow up and suddenly become clean, tidy and organized. My house is a constant mess of papers, clothes, kid’s stuff etc. and over winter I just get so lazy. But it’s is just so easy to turn your back on it all, sit in the corner creating something snazzy for the wall or a scrapbooking Layout and all the while hoping the cleaning fairy has come a done all the work for you, but it just never happens and before long the kids are home from school the husband is home from wok saying.

Husband “So, what have you done all day??”
Me “Well, …I…ummm Have made this really cute scrapbooking Layout and finished my book.”
Husband   rolls eyes looking a bit disappointed.

That’s not really what he wants to hear…lol and it’s not just inside either. The outside of our house is a shocking mess. I won’t let the kids have friends over cos I am so scared they will disappear in our yard never to be found again!!!

I have done more than a couple of posts in the past about getting organized and staying that way and some of what I did has stuck!! The bathroom shelf as an example, is still mostly clean and tidy, the TV cabinet stays good most of the time….the book shelves not so much.

But like I said it is no longer winter and my utter laziness just can’t go on, its time I got off my backside roll up my sleeves and get some work done…I am starting in my daughters room this week. I swear this kid is a messy one …Like mother like daughter. I have made a list of things that need to be done.

*Clean out dawns
*Get rid of clothes that don’t fit (I mean really get rid of them, as soon as you have a bag, get it gone!! Otherwise it will sit on the deck till the kids find it and go hey, I wanted that. Or the dog thinks hmm, this could make a nice bed rip the bag and make a huge mess , then the kids go hey I wanted that, and so the clothes end up back inside the house in the bottom of the washing basket)
*clean out toy box,
*clean dolls house
*clean walls, doors and windows
*clean under bed

And that’s all I have so far. I am sure as I go I will find more to add to the list. But for now I am going to show you some pics of her room as it stands right this minute.

Now after seeing these pics I would like you to bear in mind that this room was tidy 2 days ago!!

Any way I will be back in 2 days with a progress report for Miss Bel’s room and a new list of what’s going to come next!!

Now I am posting these pics not for those of you that are just born organized people, but for people like me who just can’t get on top of these things, and are starting to lose hope. So you can see you are not the only one. I know there will be people out there that will look down there nose at this a little bit but these pics aren’t for you guys, This is just a honest account of my house on a daily basis and how I hope to change my habits and to try and make myself more accountable. For any of you out there who are trying and need someone to talk to please send me an email, my address is in my Facebook badge on the right hand side of this page. Or drop me a comment about what you are doing this spring. Do you have a blog I can go visit and see your progress??

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  1. I wonder if my Miss A and your Miss A were separated at birth? LOL My little girls room looks the same LOL Maybe I should join you in your Spring Cleaning ...