Friday, September 14, 2012

The scrap room/corner makeover

So I decided to make a new scrap desk video, as some of you will know a we while ago I moved all my stuff out into the little shed we have outside, and I did love it for a while, but I got very lonely out there and I felt I could only head off out there when all the kids were asleep and my husband was home. Which isn’t as often as I would like at nights (shift work) and then when he was home I would feel rather guilty for heading on out to the shed….Plus in winter it was cold out there!!! So more often or not I would head on out to the shed with great intentions of making all this lovely stuff but alas it didn’t happen. Most of the time I would head on out there with a bottle of wine, a good move and sit there and get nice and toasted, then when the movie was finished I would go back inside and have nothing to show for myself but puffy eyes the sad movie had caused (The Note Book is way up on the movies that make me cry list)
So a couple of months ago  while I was sitting there with my wine, puffy eyes and a good ole sob fest movie  with nothing on my desk, I said stuff this, I am freezing, I am lonely I’m going to move back inside!!

We have all seen the YouTube vids of these wonderful scrap rooms, I covet these rooms but I have neither the space or the money to fill up a big wonderful room so instead when I moved out of the shed a lot of my stuff did not move with me L it was hard at first, but Now I only buy what I need and quite frankly I don’t need to much, I don’t have 100 different colored inks or glimmer mists etc., I don’t own a cuttlebug or big shot, I don’t have 100 stamps, I only buy what I think I will use a lot of. So far this is working wonders. Although I wouldn’t mind more punches…Now they would be handy, but I’ll be stuffed if I’m paying close to $40 for one border punch …ill make do without.

And the best thing of all is the mess…I used to let my room get into some shocking states pics below, I had so much stuff out there (Well still do) and I would never put anything away …Ever !!!

It's so messy I cant even open the door

But now with the desk back in the lounge and without all stuff around I have found keeping tidy so much easier, now don’t get me wrong I can get my little corner in some right states, but now instead of it taking me 3 days to clean up after about an hour at the most is as good as new!!

Gah I can't stand my voice

Thanks for looking :)


  1. hahahaha your husbands Epaulette!!! That made me giggle LOL
    Your desk is looking awesome! Now you need to get out and sort that shed!!!

  2. mannnnnn you sound like me!!! I was the same when I had a craft room outside, bar the getting toasted bit but only cos I was preggos with Addy at the time!!! Your desk looks greata nd I fully agree witht he whole only buying what you need thing im trying really hard to think about how I can use the stuff I buy now. and lol hate my voice to but yours sounds fine I love your vids x