Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spring clean update

So I said I would be back with a update in two days and here I am, are you shocked…I know I am.

Let me start this off just buy saying yes I did get Annabel’s room done yay us.
And secondly this clean up thing has started to spill over into other places already…how long this will last is beyond me but the day after I posted  this post here the next morning I had 2 loads of washing out and some beds made by 9 am unheard of  in this house! I would have had more washing out but I ran out of pegs!!

Anyway back to Annabel’s room I have cleaned walls, windows, sorted all the draws, cleaned out the toy box, I have done it all and man it looks good!!! And best news of all doing all of this only took about an hour, I was in the zone!!

It is so nice to walk in there and not have clothes and toys everywhere!!
Also Miss Bel and I have had a nice little chat about her dragging out all her clothes and changing at night when she is meant to be in bed going to sleep!

Next I am moving on to the dining room, this is the first room you walk into at our house, we don’t have a nice entry for our house once you’re in it you’re right in the thick if it

*The list Clean up declutter the shelf’s by the door
* declutter the fireplace mantle
* Sort out the mess I call a table
* Clean windows, walls, and the door frames
*Find a new home for Vinnie’s medicine (having it sitting on the floor just isn’t a good look)

 Watch this space!! This Old school desk wont be blue for long!!
And FYI those boxes are Vinnie's medicine.

 The table top, better known as the dumping ground.

above the fire.

Shelf by the door.

This last pic is what it looks like from our door.

And that’s all for now, but I’m sure as I go ill find more stuff to do. I’ll be back in a few days with a progress report.

thanks for looking :)

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  1. Good luck with the project! I cleared the clutter back in 2010. It was a tedious project but so rewarding (I can't say the family agrees with me - as some things got moved around). Now over 2 years later it's time to do it again before it gets out of hand. Big Brothers Big Sisters is benefiting from my decluttering this year.