Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No NET or TV for day

So I have decided I tend to spend way, way too much time on the computer during the day. I go from Facebook to YouTube to blogs to MSN and back again. I can sit for hours if you let me and next minute its lunch time and I have done nothing with my morning, so this Thursday I and going to have a net and TV free day…I don’t really watch a lot of TV in the daytime anyway, but it’s always on just there and sometimes something will catch my eye, normally as I turn my chair away from the computer getting ready to get up and do something.

What do I hope to achieve with this??…Honestly I’m not sure, I expect my house will be clean and tidy no doubt, I may even get some crafting done , but I think more than anything I want to make myself more aware of how much time I sit on my bum and do almost nothing. Might I add that said bum is getting bigger and bigger!

I am obviously aware of it otherwise I wouldn’t be doing the net free thing, but I think I am tricking myself at the same time. I am saying naughty things to myself trying to make excesses to make myself feel better…Oh come on its not that much, you still get most of the house work in (of course only what really has to be done) the washing is still done at the end of the day (not folded thou), what does it matter if I spend a little time online???

It matters because at the end of the day when my kids get home from school I am still just wanting to sit in front of the pc. I get grumpy when heaven forbid one of the kids wants me to make them a sandwich or something. It’s selfish and I never wanted to be that person.  I don’t want to fight with my almost 13yr son about computer time and get angry cos he won’t hurry up and get off it when I tell him too, just so I can see if anything new has happened on FB. I don’t want to get angry when I walk into the room and see my husband is reading the news and think “man he has stolen my lappy again”. Please no judging!!

 The internet is a privilege not a right!!!

So this Thursday I am net free from first thing in the morning till 7 pm  I would do it Wednesday but I’m out most of that day anyway and I think that is kinda cheating when I’m not going to be home to really take stock of things. For this to work it has to be a day when I’m home!!

But if anything happens around the world, like big important stuff someone please text me…LOL

Oh and I do have a update for my spring cleaning but that will have to wait a couple more days, never know i may have more to show after my no net day!


  1. I hear you...I have often thought this myself. What is the point of spending hours on the computer to get crafty ideas if I could have been using those hours to create those crafty ideas. Good wishes to you and your will power. It might just motivate me too. Although, I went back to work 4 days a week this school year and I'm freaking out about my computer/crafty time lost and become kind of obsessed about it when I get home. Here's to hoping that we can both me motivated to get off our "bums".

  2. you just described me, maybe I need to do this too!!! actually I should really try to make it a weekly thing. I could make a start on my spring cleaning lists