Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Before Photos *Shudder*

Well as you may know we have decided to start doing up our house. I hate it the way it is and its time to sort that out. One can hardly be expected to keep the place spotless and everyone happy, when she hates the space where she spends most of her time!!

So like I have said in a few posts now that Project house has started!! YAY!

I have started in my daughters room, this is the one room in the house were I have the freedom to do anything thing I want to do and I am loving it!

Today I'm going to show you the dreaded before photos...*shudder*

Annabels room is a L shape room, with a step down between the two levels

Not very girlie or nice was it!!

Over the next few post I'm going to be showing you everything I have done and made to go in her room to date. I will always be adding new things to it I'm sure, but I'm not reddy for a complete room reveal just yet, but I don't want to wait to show stuff

To start with a few weeks ago Tracy and I were talking about making plaited rag rugs! So what did I do?? Run out to the shop the next day and get everything I needed to start plaiting. What started out as great fun soon turned into a great bother if I'm to be everything plaited up all very well and I was very happy! But then came the sewing it up part well with out going in to to much detail about it all, lets just say after I sewed everything up I had to unpick everything, TWICE!! All 37 meters of plait!!!

But on Tuesday I had a rather productive day and got it finished !! AWESOME!! It is still a bit bunchy in places but I'm now so over it I don't really

But doesn't it look good !!! In the end I'm very happy with it, and it looks good as in little Miss Bells room.

Also I made Miss bell a little outfit! Isn't it cute!!

Anyway that is it for today's reveals. Ill be back with project house lots and often I'm sure

Thanks for looking :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT...The rug the outfit... The rug may have taken ages but looks fab and you will have it forever.... well diff get your use out of it.... go you girl...xxxxxx the outfit is supercute! your so talented

  2. I love the rug. Such a good idea - I am inspired! The outfit and your daughter are gorgeous!

  3. Awesome!!! I need to hurry up and finish my rug!!!
    Can't wait until the other reveals!!!

  4. Absolutely love the rug! you are very clever!