Sunday, April 24, 2011

Organization *sigh* and a RAK

Sadly organization Is not one of my strong suits. I really wish I was one of those born organized people. Even as a child I can remember my mum yelling at me to clean my room, and that consisted of just shoving everything into my wardrobe or under the bed, and sadly as a adult not much has changed.

I am in need of serious help here people I have piles of crap everywhere!!, I have been reading the blog I heart organizing to try and motivate myself , but in the end I just end up rather

I have one room in the house that's all good in the way of being organized and that's Annabels room, the one room I have done up and cleaned out completely. *sigh* its going to be forever before the rest of the house is done the rate I'm going. But I don't want it to take a year I want it done now but where to start?? what have you done that works.. another thing holding me back is wasting money I doing want to go out and spend heaps of money on storage and organization then find it doesn't work to well!!

So for now I have 7 rooms and a deck to get sorted and no clue how or where to start

Boys bedroom
Our room
Dinning room
Computer room/ Big cupboard / Office to be
Bathroom/ Laundry
OK as I'm typing I have decided to offer a little RAK for your ideas if you have any tried, tested and doable organization tips for any of the rooms listed above leave a comment here send me a link or some pics so I can see what's up and in a week ill pick a random commenter and send them something little for there trouble, I don't know what yet but ill sort

Now things to remember , we have a very small house with 4 kids the boys are in in the same room and built in storage is non-existent and it has to be cost effective
Thanks for looking :)


  1. I feel your pain! I also am not good at organization! And to top it all off, my husband and I moved into my mother's house with all the stuff she had collected over the years and refused to get rid of! She was such a pack rat! So after she passed away, we inherited all of her "treasures"! Lol! That on top of our own stuff and me not being good at was a nightmare! I actually ended up throwing away a lot of mom's stuff (she would have been horrified if she had seen all the stuff I threw away!) and we've got stuff we think we can sell packed away to have a yard sale. Other than that, I really don't have any tips that might be helpful to you. Sorry. But you have been helpful to me by linking the organizstion blog. Maybe I'll learn some ideas off of it that might help me. Thanks so much for liking it! And if I do think of anything, I'll be back to share it with you! Happy Easter!

  2. I think one of the best organisation tips is this, if you haven't used it, worn it or lent it in the last 12 months it can go. If it has an emotional attachment give it to the person it shares this attachment with. If that person isn't with you anymore go back to the first three options, worn, used or lent.
    Again if No then get rid of it, Good Luck

  3. My BESTEST kitchen organisation - buy a key rack and use it. Every day, when you come home from work or a car trip, hang your keys up. It will become a habit and you will no longer spend 10 mins every morning, or car trip looking for those damn keys!

    That, and also organise like with like. I have a little plastic container in my pantry - all the icing colours go in there. They are kept together - when I want to colour my icing, I just pull out the container, and I'm good to go.

    But, I too, feel your pain - it is something I have to work at, it doesn't come naturally to me.
    Good luck!

  4. Another good one I have discovered today, require part of house wiring to be sorted (manhole in The cupboard that has everything biffed into it when it goes no where else) have to clean out, sort out, tidy and vaccum said cupboard

  5. you'll get there Jennie, Im way better at being organized than I was and its taken me a wee while to a) have the money and b) have the organising things that work for me!!!!! I got a few wee plastic baskets from the warehouse for my craftroom, didnt need them so used them in the pantry to store all my maggie satchets in, bought a cheap cupboard again from the warehouse for the washouse stuff slowly amd getting together the cereal storage conatiainers they are expensive as!!!!! I had a huge HUGE cull of my linen cupboard was really ruthless!! same with the bathroom cabinet. All my cd's if I had the on the comp out they went......people say im pretty organised and my house most days is a bomb site :) your tv cabinet looks great

  6. bad spelling aye lol, anyway re read ur blog and in austens room her has a double wardrobe, so eventually I want to make one half shelving for all his toys etc with those plastic cube bins in then and make the other half were he hangs his clothes so I want to add another pole or maybe some more shelving on that side too. In the lounge I want a shelving unit that I can put the rattan look baskets on with the kids toys and books etc then I can just chuck stuff in them to hide it away, im ok with our bedroom there isnt tooooo much 'junk' in there so its not toooo bad Good luck with everything it will all come together

  7. I used to be organised and now I just seem to be too busy to do anything - sigh.
    Ok ideas ... first of all I am with Sandra in that if it hasn't been used in 12 months ditch or pass on.

    Now, once you have tidied an area, keep it tidy by tidying it each week, a little at time saves you having to spend heaps of time on a huge mess.

    Watch Trade Me for bargains on shelving and other organizational things.

    I am bad when it comes to the lounge with junk mail and mail in general. Before you put the post down go through it and throw away anything you don't need - flyers and the like. Then open your post and through away the envelopes and with the opened mail sort and file straight away.

    Also keep an eye out for garage sales, you might be able to pick up something cheap - remember only buy what you need.

    Make a list of things you need that will help you organise then shop specifically.

    Ok I will stop before I write a book LOL!

    Good luck on your organizational mission, when you are done you are welcome to do my place LOL!