Friday, April 29, 2011

Ready for another shocker.

This time it was the bathroom/ laundry shelf. This was another dumping ground that got cleared sadly

Using what I have around this house I decided to get started on the organizing, I know its not fancy and flash but ill slowly get the fancy stuff later. I really want a big tin box thing like this for my washing powder, one day but for now doesn't this look so much better



The pink box was filled with old bottles, old razors and junk that didn't really belong in the bathroom at all!! the shelf was covered with old hair ties make-up, hair stuff and lots of crap from everyone pockets or stuff I have dug out of the bottom of the washing machine.

Side note: Ok I know I have showing you some rather yuck spaces, but our whole house isn't all bad just a few real problem spots that always get over looked.

Thanks for looking :)

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